3 Reasons to Use Marketing Automation

12.05.2018 4:49 PM By Alan Perryman

If you find yourself doing the same simple tasks over and over, it's probably time to incorporate automation into your marketing plan.

Marketing automation software helps you streamline, automate, and measure your content metrics. Automation frees up time for you to focus on creating content and products for your customers. The following are three reasons you should use marketing automation:

It allows you to nurture your leads. 

Automated marketing allows you to become more granular in your effort to focus on the customers who are interested in what you have to offer. You don't have to waste time blasting out emails to uninterested readers. Automation can personalize your content and get it into the hands of those who have shown previous interest.

Automation gives you greater insight into your audience.

Having a way to measure your content and how it's being received gives you eyes into what the customer's interests are. It grants you access to what they are downloading and how they are moving through the sales funnel. This lets you tweak your content to further meet their needs, resulting in more revenue. With the average business owner posting to five social media sites, it's vital to see what content is bringing engagement.

Helps to maintain connections with prior customers.

It's easy to forget prior customers and past relationships when you are focused on generating new revenue. Using automated marketing allows you to stay connected to prior relationships and maintain engagement with minimal effort. You have built a rapport with previous buyers that you can't afford to lose.

Overall, marketing automation allows you to see what works and what doesn't, so you can hone in on exactly what your customers are looking for. There is no more need for guessing games and cranking out emails that are not getting clicked. Automated marketing is the tool that helps you grow your reach with minimal effort. It is a vital part of any business to make sure you are consistently reaching your audience.