Crafting stories that sell the experience

Most companies focus too much on the product when younger generations are all about experiences.

Communication changes continuously from one generation to the next. Not only does each generation develop their own unique styles of slang, but the mediums they use to communicate change as well. From written letters to telegrams, to telephones, to email to SMS and social media, the medium we use to communicate plays a large role in the tone of our language. Expight Media has made it our specialty to understand the ways in which Millennials and Generation Z communicate so that we can craft curated copy that speaks directly to your audience, and not above, below, or around them.

Our Solution


As business executives, we have a passionate understanding of what makes our product or service great, but we often fail to effectively relay that message to our audience in a way that sounds authentic. Expight Media’s team of copywriters will take the time to listen to you and fully understand your offerings before working our creative magic, putting your message into terms that resonate with your Millennial or Generation Z audiences. Just give us the details and we will do the rest. Watch as your conversions and engagement go to the moon!


You have a very short period of time to capture a reader’s attention as they’re browsing online. We know exactly what keywords and phrases spark engagement across each platform and among each demographic. Let our team of copy editors rework your copy in a way that speaks specifically to your target audience. We will take what you already have and rework it, taking into consideration the specific platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc., and the audience to which the copy is directed.