Crafting stories that sell the experience
Landing Pages

Most companies focus too much on the product when younger generations are all about experiences.

The best way to collect leads online is through landing pages. A landing page is a standalone webpage with a form to collect contact data. The problem with most landing pages is that, when a potential client is asked to give their contact info online, they may think you're going to spam them. The solution? Offer your Millennial and Gen Z visitors useful content upfront—content that interests them. The exact type of content you offer a prospect will depend a lot on where they are in the buyer lifecycle.

Our Solution


An effective modern marketing strategy will involve dozens, if not hundreds of landing pages. Because they're often independent of your main website, it can be a challenge to maintain design and brand consistency. Modern businesses should have two or three landing page templates to ensure prospects have a consistent user experience as they move through the buyer lifecycle. Expight Media builds custom landing page templates to fit your brand guidelines and seamlessly integrate into your marketing automation apps.


The trick to getting a Millennial or Gen Z’er to hand over their contact info is to offer them something they want in exchange. Landing pages should clearly describe what the prospect will receive in exchange for their contact info. Expight Media's network of writers and graphic designers can provide high-converting landing pages that will ensure your visitors know that they're getting something great in return.


Landing pages are great in concept, but executing them in a way that will convert qualified leads takes time and strategic planning. Expight Media leverages proven modern marketing automation techniques that ensure the right content is shown to the right prospect at the right time. Marketing automation requires complex software, integrations, and constant monitoring to optimize campaigns and ensure you get a good ROI from your content. We have extensive experience with popular marketing automation tools. If you're just getting starting on your modern marketing journey, we're happy to help your team choose the right platforms.